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The department has prepared this document to be a complete guide to our students as they pursue their academic activities. Students must keep this hand book all the time for consultation in any action or decision that affect your academic life in the Department and the University. It is my hope that the students will take advantage of the ‘Student Handbook’ and organize themselves very well in matters relating to the course description and its subsequent preparation, examinations and its assessment, various academic and examination misconducts and consequences thereof, knowing your teachers and other supporting staff dealing with you on day to day basis and principal officers of this great institution.
Having said that all the students are always welcome to have an interaction with the head of the department and other faculty members for any problems, clarifications or sharing their experiences good or bad which are beyond the purview of this booklet, it is assured that they will always be assisted as we succor our own brothers, sisters and children.
While you stay in the Department I wish all the best in your academic pursuits and also for your career and professional quests in the future.